1 month ago

Promote Your Car and Have it Sold Online for FREE

Are you looking to sell your car? Loads of people have aged cars occupying their garage but like most people many don't make the time or effort to sell it on. I will go through things which you should consider when thinking to sell your car.  The first thing to do would be research, this is a fact you can look up the market before selling your car to get a rough idea of how much you be selling it for. All you have to do is research through the market and find a suitable asking price for a car in your category. Based on the type of car you are about to sell whether it be a estate car, SUV or a standard hatchback car you will be able to find out the basic value of your used car based upon the mileage body condition whether it be a 4 door or 2 door and so on.

Even if you think that your car is not really worth that much always go for a higher price and lowering when required but having a set price in mind and never going lower than that price. Have an idea about the cars value that you are about to sell by checking around your car for scratches bumps dents also making sure your car is HPI clear. If you feel the need to have it taken to a local garage and ask them how much do you think the value of my car is worth feel free to do so.

The next step I would highly recommend is to take your car to a car wash and have your car cleaned inside and outside this could be by hoovering inside the whole car and having it jet washed. Now that you have washed and got a basic value of how much your car is worth it's time to start to advertise your car to sell. This is where classified advertising sites work very well as you will be able to list your car on a free classified advertising website at no cost whatsoever. Of course you have to make sure that the website that you are advertising your car on offers free advertising slots.

1 month ago

Free Online Advertising for Your Business Using Classified Ads

Do you own a small or large business and are you looking for ways to advertise your business in the online world? Look no further as I will go into a few details and inform you of a few places where you can advertise online or offline businesses for free. Using local citations for submitting your business is a very good idea to help you gather more business from locals. With local citations you are able to add maps to your local business and have customers from your area find you.

What is the most powerful ways for building an online business or offline business? It is by submitting your business to local classified advertising websites. This is because this is a free service which allows you to post your ads in multiple areas and you are not limited to just one listing. For example using websites such as Adsark; when listing your business for free you are able to have your ad published for 365 days for free. If your business is international you may submit your website to the international category or the specific country that you are from and select them down to the local area within that country. You are able to list a website, phone number, and any other contact details so you can drive the most traffic and leads back to your business.

With classified advertising sites you will find that most of them, especially ones like Adsark are SEO friendly. With such sites you can take advantage of having great titles by doing your keyword research which would be in your title and in your URLS. These are SEO friendly. I would urge business owners who are serious about marketing their business to an online world to start by using classified advertising sites. Adsark is a free international classified advertising site and you will benefit from using it as there is no sign up required to start publishing your ads.

1 year ago

Classified Advertising: The Most Efficient Way to Advertise a Business or Product

In a world where advertising rules it is most important for business owners to stay on top at all times by constantly advertising and marketing there brand. In the old days advertising was very expensive and only the rich business owners could really afford to advertise by using T.V, Radio, and Newspapers etc. These practices are of course used today and are still as effective as can be but for someone on a small budget this can really be a pain.

But luckily times have moved on and we can now create more as we evolve – the internet proves this. Since then advertising has become not only affordable for business owners, but also for anyone wishing to sell or get rid of old goods. This of course is thanks to the idea of online classified advertising, one of the greatest ways for anyone to advertise for free online. You don’t have to be a business owner to post free classifieds. Anyone is welcome and since some sites are free to publish your advertise on, your marketing budget is dramatically decreased by 90% in some cases depending on how you go about advertising.

 The types of classified advertising sites can vary between location and niche. So for example if you are in the car business and you wish to sell your cars, you could benefit from advertising on classified advertising sites made especially for cars and the same goes for houses.

Getting the best from advertising in classifieds

Here I will try to explain how you can post ads with titles and descriptions that stand out and can receive more traffic from the search engine and viewers. The first thing is to write a title that has meaning. Writing a title that has meaning means that it is not vague and it more or less explains what your advert is about. Try and write at least 100 – 200 words in your description as this will attract more people from the search engine. Also try to include your most important keywords in the title and in the ad body. Remember to include how much your product or service costs, or state that they may have to contact you for quotes.  Location and website details are a must, as well as images as people like pictures. It also helps them see what they like about the product or service. Making sure you post your ad in the correct category and location will help you gain potential customers tremendously.